Spanish Vocabulary 24/7 Language Learning App Reviews

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This is a great tool!


Like it a lot

Very good helping me a lot with my Spanish! Wish I could write my won words too and then have it translate and tell me how to say it!

Fun way to learn

Ive started with their free, lite version and loved their sytstem. Theres a few different ways to study (multiple choices, puzzle, write in and flash cards). Its great, you can listen to everything and then see if you picked it up correctly. Ive been on the app for 3 hour a day. It so much more dynamic than a book and their system stands out from the other app I tried. I whish it was cheaper than $7 but its worth it and their is a lot of content. About 300 words or expression so its a great way to start.

Spanish learner

I am a kid living in Canada trying to learn spanish. I downloaded the free version and <3 it. I got the full version . I love it but I think some good ideas for this is to make it more enjoyable like things like hangman, word searches cross words and games that speak to all ages great app AMAYSING muchas grasias amigos (I need to practice)

Excellent app

Easy And fun to use.

crash crash crash

it crashes right after I open it. Any suggestions?

Love this app. Great for beginners.

I use this app. all the time. Its great for a beginner like me trying to learn Spanish. I love the different ways they have you learn because not everyone learns the same way. My wife is Mexican and speaks Spanish as a second language so Ive really been wanting to learn. She even uses it to brush up.

Great Application For Beginners

Provides a great opportunity to practice during times that would otherwise be unproductive. Words are repeated clearly as needed. A great spanish vocabulary builder.

Great for learning and increasing vocabulary

For what it does, this app does it VERY well. But it does not teach even basic Spanish phrases or grammar. This app is strictly for helping you to increase your vocabulary. You will be learning individual words and that is it. Having said that, this app is a great supplement to a Spanish course, but wont get you very far on its own. I count roughly 150 words in this level 1 app (in five catagories). Had there been more words, I would have given it five stars because 150 words is pretty limiting even for a $4 app. I really like that this app has five different ways of quizing you and allowing you to review the words. Every word is spoken and you can repeat the pronounciation as many times as necessary. This is really a terrific way to learn!

No good

not worth the money

Need more vocabularies

Pronouciation is excellent. Multiple quiz styles also are very handy. Adding more words & sentences for beginners will be more useful .

Great for testing on the go!

I’ve so far purchased Spanish 1, Spanish 4, Spanish 5, and Spanish Food and Dining. These apps are great for increasing vocabulary in spare moments of the day and seem to be bug free. The different types of quizzes are a really nice option for learning words from a ‘different angle’. The priority threshold works very well. These are the only apps I’ve found so far that keep a decent track record (Priority Threshold) of the words I’m having trouble remembering and keeping them in my face during quizzes. In the upper level app (level 4), the question quizzes are very helpful for testing your knowledge of question structure. Last points— *there’s great audio to hear the correct pronunciation (may be a bit too quiet for some) 
*the layout of the quizzes allows you to avoid looking at the word/sentence & clicking on the audio to test your auditory knowledge of words instead of the visual. Great learning tools! I plan on purchasing all of these apps.


Helps you learn words well. Its fast learning. My first time using it I only used it for 30min, and I memorized like 8 words. Its a great app! The only downside is that it it doesnt teach you sentences. But I dont care, it works great for me!

Nice interface for learning, too few words

I really like the interface that this app uses for learning vocabulary. However, the number of words is way, way too small. Im not sure Im willing to pay $5 a pop in hopes of eventually getting a vocabulary list that has more than a few words that I dont already know. I would keep the interface, but lose the Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, etc approach. Stuff all of the vocabulary words into one app, and add additional vocabulary in future (free) updates.

Great way to learn!

What a great way to learn Spanish! I started with the easy quiz (multiple choice), then used the puzzle game and finally the write in quiz to strictly test my knowledge. I cant believe how fast Im progressing.


Ive only been using this for a couple days and Im happy to say Ive already learned a lot of words.


I love all the various types of quizes.

Great for beginners!!

I love this app. especially the puzzles and multiple choice. Just wish the flash cards had pictures or something. I also would love if they develop something for people in the medical field; just some basic phrases.

U needs this app!

I have spanish 1-5, and now they are combined into "101" and "102". All I have to say an intermediate/advanced student, when u get this app...u wont be disappointed!


This is such a good app. Ive learned so much in just a couple days and its so much more fun than studying from a book. And of course the native speaker sound clips help tremendously.

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